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What information do you need for process service?

  • The legal documents from the court. These usually include the file-stamped copies of the citation and complaint or the subpoena.  
  • The legal address where the defendant lives and or works. 
  •  All the additional information you can provide. Pictures, description, phone number, vehicles.  More is Better. The more information you can provide the faster and greater the chances of success.
  • Payment once the service is complete. Once this payment is made, we will forward the needed documents for you to file with the court for the completion of the service. 

What Happens if service is unsuccessful?

This is usually not the case and we have many different options available to us to successfully complete the process depending on the State the lawsuit has been filed in. 

If we need to take these additional steps, we will consult with you regarding these options and any additional costs associated with implementing them.  

Who performs these services?

As a company, we believe that the level of expertise for process service needs to be set at a much higher level than State requirements and all our process server must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Texas Licensed Private Investigator 
  • Texas Certified Process Server
  • Paralegal
  • Texas Notary
  •  and at least 2 years of experience or very close mentor supervision


Please review the fee schedule service page for pricing. 

I have a notice on my door, What should I do?

If we have left a notice on your door, then the best option would be for you to call or text the number provided 512-887-7780, to set up a plan for delivery of your documents. 

I need private investigation services, do you offer this?

Yes. Please visit our sister website for additional information and services.